Twilight-Based Scene It Coming to Wii, DS

Yep, gaming is dead to us.

Yep, gaming is dead to us.

A Twilight version of movie trivia game Scene It is coming to the Wii and DS, the former featuring 500 questions based on the awful movie(s). The DS version isn’t due until 2010, but the Wii version will be out sometime in the fall.

So, let’s propose one question:

Why do the vampires in Twilight sparkle?

A. The writing is terrible.

B. To waste American dollars on worthless visual effects.

C. Because it is a completely illogical survival adaptation

D. Because the target audience of this ridiculous franchise will be more willing to spend money on a guy who sparkles than one who won’t.

If you guessed A, B, and C, you win. If you guessed D as well, you also score a bonus point.

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