Asgard Heroes, from the makers of EV Online

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Founded in October of 2005, developer Evolution Vault, hit the ground running with it’s well known RTS game Galactic Dream: Rage of War. Evolution Vault has since expanded towards online gaming, focusing exclusively on browser based games, one of it’s most famous being EV Online. In case one gets to wondering just what that means, Evolution Vault elaborates. A browser game is, according to the Asgard Heroes website, a game that is played on your web browser, it does not require any client-side software.

Evolution Vault has recently announced their plans to release a new browser-based title: Asgard Heroes.

The premise behind Asgard Heroes is this: a future Fleet Commander (the player) willingly strands him/ herself on an abandoned space colony. The object is to re-build existing structures, expand your facilities and challenge your “brothers” who are doing the same, in good-old RTS fashion.

GAME FEATURES, (according to the Asgard Heroes website)

  • Expand from underground to the planetary surface and, finally, reach the stars;
  • Research technologies that will allow you to move ahead of your competition;
  • Carefully plan your defense, trade, spy, create treaties, forge alliances or wage wars;
  • On the ground, your troops will travel to other planets through stargates;
  • In space, powerful carriers will transport your ships, the harbingers of death;
  • Rebuild your colony from the ashes to its fullest potential; prove yourself worthy.

Visit the Asgard Heroes website for more details, or visit Evolution Vaults other popular game sites: Galactic Dream: Rage of War, and EV Online.

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