Valkyrie Sky, Hybrid Action Shooting MMORPG


The online PC game portal GameKiss has recently released a new trailer of it’s curious title Valkyrie Sky, on it’s official website, and it’s Youtube channel.

Valkyrie Sky, a hybrid genre named “Arcade Shooting MMORPG” by GameKiss, is slated to commence service in mid-October.

The concept is quite interesting, and the trailer reveals a fair bit of the general game system; typical pastimes like fishing and music-playing, the community aspects, like guilds, assemblies and such, and player vs. player competition.

The trailer also showcases a bit of the World Map, the central stage of the game, as well as the features of battles, which vary by Job.

But pehaps ‘curious” is not the right word to describe this title. Ambitious, maybe. And very exciting. Why?

Frankly, point and click MMO’s are a dime a dozen, many using the same conventions and mechanics established by previous titles, while contributing very little to the genre itself. Look at Aion, for instance. In most cases, it is praised for being familiar. In another word, too similar. Granted, many Aion nay-sayers criticize the title for the same reason, but that’s beside the point.

Unfortunately, stagnation is a problem that plagues video-gaming in many genres. Thusly, while the trailer for Valkyrie Sky may look perplexing (old-school, top down shoot-em ups? In an RPG?), it’s a genuine breath of fresh air for MMORPGs. Korea, it seems, is making it’s way to the forefront of MMO developers with Blade and Soul looking spectacular, Aion being… familiar, and Valkyrie Sky being unique.

Valkyrie Sky‘s website opens on October 14th, and it’s first closed beta service will commence on October 21st.

The trailer is available for viewing at the game’s website and the GameKiss official YouTube channel.

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