Week in Arcade: Axel & Pixel, Sam & Max


The ampersand is in full use this week, a double shot of XBLA point & click titles.

Axel & Pixel

2K goes for unique style in this point & click adventure, filled with minor mini-games and some QTE events. The art style is unique, with the stylized protagonists dropped against gorgeously rendered (although flat) backdrops. This will not be for everyone, but the charm factor is high, and the puzzles are logical and inventive.

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space

This one was due a few weeks back, but makes its appearance this week with the same amount of fantastic humor and fun dialogue trees. If the demo, concerning a giant robot trying to ransack the office of Sam & Max, doesn’t get you involved, your sense of humor needs some slight tweaking (or you don’t listen to much music).  The price is high, and you should probably snag the first episodes first, but this follow-up retains everything that made the first season such a blast.

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