Karos Online, a free-to-play MMORPG contender

ScreenShot_20091001145611Karos Online is currently in development by Galaxy Gate, the developers behind Last Chaos, and is scheduled for release Q4 of this year.

NHN, the North American and European publisher of the title, have stated that they have reached several key milestones in the development process, and have made significant changes to the game since it’s announcement in July of this year.

Player killing in particular has been restricted to level ten and above, due to significant feedback from players who felt the mechanic was too off-putting for new players.

ScreenShot_20091001095510The story behind Karos Online is such: players assume the role of a hero who seeks to destroy a dark curse that veils the world of Asmara, all the while attaining glory and all the perks of hero-ness by becoming a Karos warrior. Questing, player-versus-player interaction, and guild quests and clashes are the name of the game.

Unique to the game is an energy called “Fletta” which you pretty much kill one another for. It allows for character growth through stat boosts, buffs, enchantments, etc., which compliments the typical leveling system the game features.

The next closed beta weekend for the MMORPG takes place from October 23rd to October 25th. Players will be allowed to progress to level 35, have access to the newest region of Peltrok, and get a feel for the latest character class, the Mystic, an all-female warrior class that uses nature magic to attack.

For a free-to-play game, the title is surprisingly good-looking. The environments are lush and colorful, and the character models and monster designs look excellent too. Karas Online looks to be a strong contender on the fantasy MMO field, and free-to play sweetens deal even more.

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