MMO Gamecard Coming to States


Open Network Entertainment, or ONE, recently announced the launch of there One Power-Up Game Card. The card will allow players to easily make online purchases for there alter ego’s in a range of massive multi-player games.

“In a time when the digital world is continually changing the direction of how we play, interact and navigate, we are breaking down the barriers so players can take control of how they spend their money, Players have the freedom to pay for virtual items on multiple online destinations while taking advantage of a variety of bonus items, all without any hidden fees.”

-Pete Grubb, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

InComm, a seasoned veteran in the prepaid era, will be the distributor of the Power-Up Game Card. InComm being an industry leader in sales and marketing regarding prepaid merchandise.


La Tale from Aeria Games.

Pretty soon all it will take is a simple visit to a website to manage everything from just checking out new titles, to reloading your card, managing monthly payments, or just simple micro-transactions. The days of keeping tack of multiple cards are over.

The library of games being supported is growing at a pretty decent rate, and features a lot of obscure FTP games. With partners such as Aeria Games, Ndoors, Fantage, and a growing number of others, the future for casual and hardcore MMO players is looking pretty bright. Especially ones without access to mommy’s credit card.

Overall what were seeing here is another step towards the ever looming digital era. For some of us, this will pass right by without even a glance, while for others this is the equivalent to the day you released World of Warcraft had prepaid cards… If that meant anything to you.

You can find all the info you need on there website,, or keep up to date by following the on Twitter.