Sony Online Entertainment’s Halloween spectacular

freerealms_supoerspooktacular_halloween__4_.jpgSony Online Entertainment is gearing up for the coming of Halloween with a host of in-game Halloween events for several online titles: Free Realms, Everquest, Everquest II, Legends of Norrath, and Star Wars Galaxies.

Free Realms introduces its latest game update, Super Spooktacular. This is the first Halloween in Free Realms, and as such the event will feature decorations, trick or treating, 14 new quests, 2 new trading card game Quest Packs, mummifying minigames, and over 35 new costumes for players and their pets.

Super Spooktacular is scheduled to run from October 14th through November 11th.

Free Realms is a free-to-play online video game that has over five million players registered and engaged within its world. Players can customize their characters and play a wide range of minigames online, and explore the wonderful online world. It has a mellow, cheery atmosphere that makes the title great for families.

In fact, Free Realms heavily markets and orients itself as safe and secure, particularly for this reason, and for this reason you get a MMO that feels less like an epic, sprawling adventure, and more like a wide collection of minigames. They range from fighting enemies to searching for treasure, mining for gold, playing with virtual pets, cooking, and more. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; in fact, a less focused, less serious MMO seems like the perfect medium for a MMO newbie to jump into.

Everquest presents the “Harvester’s Haunt”, bringing holiday quests and rewards, dig up corpses, make candy apples, etc. Harvester’s Haunt is scheduled t run from October 24th through November 7th.

Everquest II brings “Nights of the Dead”, which brings with it an all new Haunted Hedgemaze zone in Nektulos Forest. There’s a Haunted Mansion in Loping Planes, trick-or-treating in the bigger cities, and of course, decorations galore. Nights of the Dead is scheduled to fun from October 16th through November 9th.

From October 15th through November 11th, an all-new scenario, “Brraaaaaainss!”, has been created just for Legends of Norrath.

Lastly, on October 20th, the Galactic Moon Festival begins. Residents of Star Wars Galaxies can enjoy the festival’s frights and costumes in Moenia and Mos Eisley.

There are plenty of Halloween adventures, and plenty of MMOG’s to try out in the coming weeks

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