Unofficial Xbox 360 Storage Devices Obsolete


Microsoft will begin a preview program for the latest update to the Xbox 360, which then (of course) be rolled out to all users. Aside from the Twitter and Facebook functionality, there is another addition to this update that users need to be aware of.

All non-official Xbox 360 storage devices will be locked out. In other words, if you modified your hard drive with something larger, you need to move quickly to rectify the situation, i.e., transferring your saves over to an official Microsoft drive.

The same goes memory units, which came in larger sizes that Microsoft’s current 1GB offering.

The reasoning is obvious. Many of these devices are used for purposes other than saves, details of which will not be discussed here. Still, blocking these items entirely is a waste of money on the part of the consumer, a waste of electronics since these proprietary items are no longer able to be used, and a customer service nightmare when this update finally goes live.

These storage items do, after all, serve a purpose. Backing up certain save files and salvaging a Gamertag are legitimate, and important uses. Asking users to immediately drop the money for an official Microsoft option, with around a month to go before the update (rumored), does not seem fair. Certainly there are those users who will not get the news in time either.

While those that are using non-official devices for certain “unofficial” purposes will gain no sympathy, those Live members who do are getting shafted on this one, and our memory cards go out to you.

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