Free Killing Floor Content Update and Free Weekend


Killing Floor, the co-op survival horror first-person shooter published by Tripwire Interactive, will release their free “Level Up” content pack. Arriving on Steam Oct. 22, it will be the largest free content pack to date. Full details on the update are not yet available, but previous content updates typically included a few new weapons and a map.

Killing Floor features cooperative game play for up to six players. The perks system allows players to improve their character in a persistent, ability-based, non-linear environment. While Tripwire is keeping their mouths shut about specifics, they have run some Flash ads that list some of the main features of the update, including seven new weapons, three new maps, the new demolition perk, a perk level cap increase, and a new specimen: the Husk.

There is some talk on the game’s official forums by players who are worried that the new maps will simply be the winners of the “Grindhouse” map making competition. The following excerpt from the contest guidelines suggests that this is a possibility:

“The Submission of the Entry form also gives Tripwire Interactive the right to include the submitted Maps on a Special Edition release of KF or in any other additional commercial releases of KF and to host the Map on their web site(s) and on the Contest web site as well as provide copies of the entered Maps on magazine cover discs, KF fan sites, download sites, and other web sites of their choosing.”

To celebrate the launch, anyone can try out the game during the free weekend on Steam from Thursday, Oct. 22 until Sunday, Oct. 25.

Tripwire Interactive is a Georgia based developer and publisher, best known for their debut title, Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. Their success as an independent game studio has proven that even the “little guy” can compete with the industry big boys. Red Orchestra has sold over 400,000 copies on PC, and Killing Floor enjoyed a comfortable number two spot on Steam’s Top Seller’s list when it was released, last May.

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