Soul of the Ultimate Nation Beta


Once again were late to the party. Soul of the Ultimate Nation, or S.U.N, has been running for about 4 years in other country’s. Hitting Korea first in 2006, its now spread to China, Japan, and Taiwan. Finally, it made its way to England and North America. The beta will run for 3 days (starting October 14th), after which you can expect to see the full launch at the end of October.

The game is being produced by MU Online’s WEBZEN, Mu Online being an extremely popular game with over 45 millionSUN_1 players worldwide.

S.U.N is an MMORPG set in a fantasy world and features everything you’ve come to expect from such a title. With superb graphics, strategic battles, and a story driven quest system, its hard not to take notice.

Beta players will have access to a bunch of in-game items to help make there experience easier and more streamlined. To top it all off, the player with the highest level at the end of the beta will net themselves an in-game pet dragon, with food to keep him alive of course.

You can join in the beta by visiting the Official Soul of the Ultimate Nation website. For more details on S.U.N, and other games available from WEBZEN, visit their website.

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