Postal Worker Caught Stealing 2,200 GameFly Games


Ever have a game not arrive from GameFly? Maybe that was due to the handywork of Reginald Johnson, a former mail handler in Philadelphia who managed to steal a whopping 2,200 games from the service before they reached their destination.

Johnson did not want the games however, taking them to local GameStops for their trade-in value. Johnson was caught back in 2008 after a short car chase, in which multiple games were found on his person along with GameStop receipts. He could face 18 months in prison if convicted.

The arrest comes as GameFly is beginning action against the struggling Postal Service, claiming they show favoritism to Netflix and Blockbuster online, rival by-mail rental services (although only Blockbuster rents games). Those two companies have specific drop boxes in certain Post Office locations, leading to GameFly to accuse the agency of leaving them out.

However, the USPS response is one that could take that advantage away, stating any specific drop boxes are not a standard practice. Aside from the theft issues, GameFly believes their mailers are not treated properly either leading to broken games. The other two companies are hand sorted. The Postal Service states it is an issue with GameFly’s mailers, which doesn’t make much sense given they are the most secure (inside a cardboard sleeve).

The entire situation reeks of a “He said, she said” type of blame game, although the Postal Service can ill-afford any negative publicity. Hopefully this situation is sorted out, and any other employees trying some sort of idiotic theft will be caught as well.

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