Week in Arcade: Panzer General, Tower Bloxx Deluxe


A double helping of $10 games this week, and two that couldn’t be more varied if you tried.

Panzer General Allied Assault

A fun strategy title that meshes card-based games and dice rolls for that extra-geeky feel. The series has made its way to consoles before, back on the 3DO and PlayStation back in 1995. This update seems less complex and faster, both positives for all but the hardcore. The simple grid-based map is easy to grasp, and an excellent tutorial guides you through the process of defeating the German assault.

Tower Bloxx Deluxe

This one has been around the internet for a while, but the Xbox 360 debut adds in some fresh faces… via Avatars. Bad puns aside, the concept is simple. You stack blocks to build a tower and gain tenants. The swinging crane dropper makes this a challenge, and the counter-motion when the tower is unbalanced further causes problems in your quest to build higher. The city building mode adds an additional addictive quality, although multiplayer is local only, killing replay value for some.