Jurassic: The Hunted Coming November 1st


The moment I read the title of this game and the tag line, “Prehistoric Survival Action”, fond memories of Dino Crisis flooded my mind (ed. note: Or at least just the first two games, I hope). I then hastily opened up some screenshots and those memories were dragged out into the street and shot, being quickly replaced with those of Turok.

“Get ready to be hunted. In Jurassic: The Hunted players will experience nonstop, vicious dinosaur attacks coming from all directions – and these are massive beasts that don’t go down with a single rifle shot.”

-David Oxford, Activision

Jurassic takes place on a mysterious island that is described as being “lost in time”. You’ll be playing as Craig Dylan, a weapons and survival expert who has been hired to take care of a team of researchers studying strange energy found on the island. Of course things are going to get a little out of hand, and what may have seemed to be a routine mission will become a fight for survival.

Poor Craig  is thrown back in time through the Bermuda Triangle and has to defend himself against – you guessed it – dinosaurs!

Combat will be in first person and is described as Jurassic_The_Hunted_screenshot_1including “arena” style fights along with fortification sieges and survival modes. Jurassic also promises  to deliver unforgettable boss battles along with adrenaline bursts that will activate slow motion and reveal enemy’s weak points.

Its hard to get to excited for Jurassic: The Hunted when the last dinosaur game we got a chance to play (the new Turok) was less then stellar. Either or, as an avid Turok and Dino Crisis fan, this could successfully merge the two gameplay’s making for something excellent. Defiantly worth following.

Jurassic will be available on Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 3 and 2 on November 1st. For more information visit activision.com.

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