Order of War Download Code Giveaway


Starting this Friday Steam will be giving away download codes (which allow you to download the game for free) for Square Enix’s Order of War. They will be releasing a download code over the official Facebook page, at which point its a digital free for all.

This is not a contest,this is a first-come, first-served grab-a-thon giveaway we’re doing as a benefit for the OOW and Steam communities, to help people get their friends (and maybe some new players) into the best WWII strategy game of the year.


Order of War is a WWII strategy game that’s getting fairly decent reviews. The73034-l game offers two different single player campaigns for each side of the conflict. It also features a multiplayer experience in a “capture the points” kind of fashion

Order of War received a “B+” from 1UP, an “8.25” from Game Informer, an “8.0” from IGN, an “8.5” from GameZone and a “B+” from GamingNexus when it shipped earlier this month for personal computer.

So if you’d like to get a chance at grabbing your free copy you can run on over to the Facebook page this Friday and try your luck.

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