New Aliens VS Predator Trailer


Yesterday SEGA released a brand spankin’ new trailer for their multiplayer game set in the Aliens VS Predator universe.

The game will feature 3 playable storylines. One for Predator, one for Aliens, and one for Marines. Online is described as utilizing these three different characters and throwing them against each other in a player vs player environment.

With Predator stalking around in the shadows and Aliens working in numbers and crawling on the walls, its hard not to be a little giddy with excitement overavp_predatorpovscreen-1024x576 this game. Of course there’s also the Marines, which will be running around amongst the chaos taking down Aliens – and maybe even Predators – as they fight to survive.

For fans of either of the series this game offers a small glimmer of hope that we’ll finally be treated to a good game. With gaming technology having come so far since the last gaming entry into the series, this could finally be the game that doesn’t leave us hanging our heads in shame.

You can watch the newest trailer here. If the game has caught your fancy, you can also look at the Marines Trailer and E3 Trailer.

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