Microsoft Cracking Down On Pirates


A lot of people are generally not affected by this news, but a good number of people are balling their eyes out right now.

The good law abiding citizens at Microsoft have just announced that they will be permanently banning all people found to have a pirated version of the soon to be released Forza 3 and Borderlands. Not just from Forza and Borderlands, but from Xbox Live altogether.

For those of you who just happened to get your hands on the games a little early, Microsoft has stated that they will not be nipping your account.

“In general, if you got a receipt, play away. These are illegit copies we’re hitting.”

-Stephen Toulouse, Xbox Live



Whether or not they’ll continue to hit pirated versions of these games after they have released is still to be confirmed. We can almost guarantee that this wont be the last you see of policy’s like this, with bans most likely being handed out with a lot of major releases.

This is a very bold move on Microsoft’s part, potentially eliminating a small section of there consumer market. As for all those people whom have obtained illegal copies of these games, I would suggest you turn your pirate ship around and high tail it off of Live before it becomes the last game you ever play.

The rest of us can continue to sit at home and await the release dates of these games, worry free, completely unaffected by the new policy whatsoever.

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