Dragon Age Spoils PC Users


PC users will have something to rub in console users faces come the release of Dragon Age: Origins. Word on the street is they’ll be getting treated to an extra camera angle, which once your fully filled in on, will make a little more sense.

While the rest of the game handles fine despite your platform preference, the over the top classical style camera from Baldur’s Gate will not be included in the console versions. Apparently the camera angle just does not work if you subtract a mouse and keyboard from the equation.

With BioWare calling the game a spiritual successor to the Baldur’s Gate series, hardcore fans will be swaying to the PC version. For most of us this is a minor thing, but for them it’s a huge deal. Any fan of Baldur’s Gate looking to relive it in an all new setting and story will be demanding such a feature, especially if its being teased on another platform.

So far this is the only difference between the two platforms, aside from the controls of course. Whether your playing on your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC, Dragon Age: Origins is shaping up to be an excellent title.