Access Champions Online for Free Halloween Weekend!

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Playing an MMO that plays nothing like a generic MMO, and everything like a unique and exciting one, is… unique and exciting. Champions Online, while lacking the polish and balance that Aion has, (Aion really is polished to the point of brilliance), has a classic comic-book feel that’s hard to top. Champions is all the more formidable in the MMO field because of it’s action game-esque combat, and because it allows for a mind-blowingly massive amount of character customization.

Gamers who are still on the fence about which MMO to choose may find their choice a little easier to decide: this coming weekend, Champions Online introduces the “Blood Moon” promotional event, which means that from 10:00 a.m. on Friday the 30th until 10:00 a.m. Monday, November 2nd, players may sign up and play for free.

The Blood Moon event introduces a zombie/undead invasion subplot, and rewards players who complete it with the Celestial power set (a support/healing set); it also introduces a werewolf hunt, a survival mode (with a new player-versus-player map), and super-enemies with rare drops and extra perks players can earn upon their defeat.

Players already subscribed to Champions Online can enjoy the event early (starting on the 27th). Free players must wait until Friday to try their hand at the event, and sink their teeth into Champions Online.

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