Nintendo Releasing Bigger DSi, the XL


One of the quicker turnarounds for improved Nintendo handheld hardware, the DSi XL has been confirmed by Nintendo for Japan and Europe (November 21 and Q1 2010 respectively). The system will feature a larger screen, supposedly for those older DSi owners who have poor eyesight.

The screens are a full 4″ in size, up from 3.25″ in the previous DSi. No internal hardware changes are occurring, meaning the camera is still carries a ridiculously low resolution and the software will remain the same. The form factor will obviously increase, and a larger stylus will also be included.

The kicker of this release is that any software downloaded from the previous DSi Store cannot be transferred over if you choose to upgrade. As a commenter on Consumerist put it:

“And those of us that shun devices that force consumers to buy licenses instead of owning physical media look on and laugh as what we predicted comes true.”

Couldn’t have stated the truth any better. There is nothing wrong with new hardware, but when you are unable to enjoy the software you paid money for on the new system, why bother? The restrictions are absurd, and those wishing to spend more money to buy a new Nintendo console are being locked out for no other reason than restrictive licensing on content they never truly owned in the first place.

How this is acceptable, and why people believe this is the way the industry should go, is a mystery. It seem the instant gratification and ease of purchase outweigh the fact that the product is never truly owned. The bigger screens sound great for the DSi XL, but the restrictions are absurd.

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