EverQuest Underfoot: The Ultimate Collection

EverQuest was Verant Interactive's breakthroug...There are popular MMO’s, and then there are classic MMOs. The EverQuest series definitely falls into the latter category, being one of the most common names in MMORPG kind. It also happens to be one of the longest running MMOGs in recent memory. Through the years, EverQuest has introduced a plethora of patches and expansions, but it’s latest expansion,Underfoot, sets the bar anew. EverQuest Underfoot being the 16th expansion for Everquest, is set to launch on December 15th, 2009. It is currently available for pre-order for $39.99.

EverQuest Underfoot presents a whole new world for EverQuest players and new players alike. Now in it’s tenth year, EverQuest introduces this all-in-one compilation, including not only Underfoot, but all fifteen previous expansions and content as well.

This, much like the Final Fantasy XI Ultimate collection, is the perfect purchase for any MMORPG fan who hasn’t gotten into EverQuest. After all, why settle for anything less when you can have the entirety of EverQuest at your fingertips?

EverQuest Underfoot features:

  • Twelve all-new new zones
  • New alternate advancement abilities
  • New weapons and armor (which goes without saying, considering it’s an expansion)
  • New recipes for weapons and armor (and more) to try out and master via tradeskills
  • Greater accuracy tracking enemies and allies with an extended target window
  • The “Mark of Brell” item, which zaps players straight into the Underfoot.
  • The Legends of Norrath card game scenario and client
  • 500 station cash for use in EverQuest’s in-game marketplace
  • A thirty day subscription for new accounts

Available for pre-order starting October 27th, this is the chance to dive into the series.

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