Shattered Horizon, one small step for FPS-kind

Key artwork for Shattered Horizon

Key artwork for Shattered Horizon

Futuremark Games Studio released a new trailer showcasing the first in-game footage for Shattered Horizon, their latest multiplayer tactical FPS for the PC.

The premise behind the game is fairly simple, yet opens up an entire world of possibility: a terrible explosion on the Moon litters the space near Earth with tons of rock and debris, forming what’s called the “Arc”. Because the space surrounding Earth is hazardous, rescue is unlikely, and survivors on the Moon must fight with survivors on the International Space Station for control over the Arc and the supplies that their very lives depend on.

What sets Shattered Horizon apart from typical run-of-the-mill first-person shooters is the zero-gravity environments. Because players have complete control of their movements, zero-gravity opens up a world of possibilities; tactics and strategies that are literally impossible in other FPS titles. One can only imagine the vantage points and surprise assaults that open up with such environments, and the tools available for players to use against one another. The gravity premise alone makes the game worth looking into. One can hope Futuremark Games Studios gets their creative juices flowing.

Antti Summala, lead designer at Futuremark Games Studio, stated that, “This new trailer shows Shattered Horizon’s realistic space setting and the player’s complete freedom of movement.”

Shattered Horizon is a self-published title developed by Futuremark Games Studio. While there is no set release date, it is expected to be available for download this holiday season.

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