Doom Cover Artist Dead at 73

doomboxCredit goes to Don Ivan Pnchatz for creating a truly remarkable and iconic piece of video game cover art when he handled Doom. An illustrator for a wide variety of publications, including National Geographic and Newsweek, Don never knew he was creating something so memorable, taking a lower fee instead of a cut of the profits to create the art:

“So how was I to know this thing called Doom would make a jillion smackers?”

Of course, the game did make a jillion smakers, and that box art has now been enshrined into every gamer’s memory. The piece, which depicts the space marine fending off the demons of hell, captures the game’s frenzy perfectly, if not accurately (dual-wielding was a way off).

Who could ever forget that smirking demon in the lower left corner though? The look on its face is priceless, a small bit of cheeky humor in an otherwise dire image. You have to wonder if the demon is looking for his moment of fame by staring back at some virtual camera, the photographer undoubtedly in an equally rough situation. Thanks Don for such a fantastic piece of art, as we will always remember your effort.

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