Fighting Street on the Virtual Console

fightingstreetYes, there was a reason for the “II” after Street Fighter, that was Fighting Street.

On the Virtual Console, Fighting Street is a port of the Turb CD version, which certainly did not help matters. Fighting Street is a miserable mess of a game, casting the player as Ryu (and only Ryu) in his quest to defeat Sagat. Bit characters from the series, such as Adon and Birdie, made their appearance here as well.

The number of insurmountable problems with Fighting Street are certainly well known in the community. Collision detection is poor, the difficulty ridiculous, and while the motions are the same, the controls do not respond at all. Seeing a fireball was special back in 1989 and something to admire, mostly because of the sheer dumb luck it took to pull it off. Hudson handled the port to the Turbo CD two years after the Capcom arcade release, although who ported this material would have made little or no difference in terms of quality.

At the very least, the home version is fairly accurate, losing little of the arcade game’s visuals or audio “splendor.” The game is now a relic, passed over a by a sequel that probably never should of happened given the quality of the original. Fighting Street is a curiosity, and little more.

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