Pirates Banned from Xbox Live


Thank you Microsoft.

Microsoft recently took action against an unspecified number of Xbox 360 consoles (“a small percentage”)  that were modified to play software people were either too cheap or too lazy to purchase legitimately.

Members who altered their console are now banned from Xbox Live for life on that console. While that doesn’t stop them from running out and buying new hardware to do the same thing again, the cost involved hopefully keeps them being that stupid twice.

The banning process has been going on for about a week, and the official Xbox Forums are a hilarious collection of people baffled that they were banned for using hardware that was modified.

Microsoft provides an excellent FAQ for anyone wondering if their console is in danger, although it should be fairly obvious since you truly have to work to put your console in this type of situation. Don’t be stupid and you’re not in any danger. It could not be an easier than that.

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