Xbox Live Rewards Program Enters Pilot Phase


A rumored program to reward Xbox Live users based on their loyalty is not only true, it has enter into a testing phase.

The program shows three separate options of rewards, with the majority benefiting Gold members. Gamers can gain a percentage of points back for resubscribing to Xbox Live, purchasing certain items, taking surveys, joining Netflix, and more. This beta-type program doesn’t seem to specify if each level is for a certain type of gamer, if there are entry fees, or these are just three types being tested. For now, the program just sort of exists, and those that got in are the beneficiaries.

The picture above is the lowest level, gray. Those are the only options, weak in comparison to the green and orange choices. By comparison, here is green:


And this is the final group, orange:


Giving away a 100 Points for taking a survey seems like easy downloads, and makes for a nice way to offset the rising costs of downloadable content. The question becomes, if you’ve already done things such as sign up for Netflix on the 360, would you still get the points when you enter the program?
Rewards has potential to start a nice trend, one that would hopefully follow suit over to Nintendo and Sony and their services.

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