Joe & Mac Revived after Toki


Developer Golgoth is working on finishing their upcoming remake of ape-spitting simulation (!) Toki, but they already have their sights set on their next target, caveman ninja simulator (!!) Joe & Mac.

The Data East property began life as an action platformer in the arcades, before becoming a Super Nintendo port in 1991 at the launch of the hardware. Both versions were multiplayer, allowing both Joe and Mac (duh) to combat a horde of evil cavemen who have stolen woman from their village together. The Genesis also had a home version in1991, also with co-op.

While slow and relatively easy, Joe & Mac was easy on the eyes with colorful environments and massive dinosaur bosses. It was a perfect way to introduce new hardware, although the NES comparison wouldn’t be complete until a year later, when that so-so port was completed (and only with one player, betraying the title). The Game Boy was another solo effort in 1993.

Two sequels were produced, slowly moving towards a more adventurous approach by the third game. The latter was never released in the US despite being an exclusive to the Super Nintendo.

Golgoth has released only the above concept art, and no release date has been planned.

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