Warhammer Online Introduces “Endless Trial”

Image from http://www.warhammeronline.com/screenshots/index.php

Image from http://www.warhammeronline.com/screenshots/index.php

EA announced that Warhammer Online will remove the 10-day time-limit from it’s demo trial and is replacing it with a new endless free trial, giving players a limited account that does not expire so long as the game is played within the restrictions of the endless trial. According to Warhammer Online’s FAQs section, the restrictions to the Endless Trial are as follows.

  • Endless Trial accounts are restricted to Tier 1 of the Empire versus Chaos pairing. This includes Tier 1 scenarios but does not include access to the Capital Cities or the other racial pairings within the game.
  • Endless Trial accounts may receive mail and purchase from the auction house; however, they cannot send mail or create auctions.
  • Endless Trial accounts are limited to designated servers. If you’d like to play with friends on other servers, you will need to purchase a retail copy of the game and transfer your character to their server (or create a new character on their server). Alternatively, if you have a friend who is currently playing WAR, you can ask them for a Recruit-a-Friend code that will allow you to create a Recruit-a-Friend trial account which has access to all servers. Please see the Recruit-a-Friend section for more information.
Image from

Image from http://www.warhammeronline.com/screenshots/index.php

A new streaming client has been introduced for the endless trial, which decreases download time and increases the games accesibility, making diving into the MMORPG a cinch. Players both new and returning can experience any of the 24 different careers offered and progress to level 10, all the while exploring the Tier 1 Empire vs. Chaos zones Norland and Norsca, the new Tier 1 dungeon Hunter’s Vale, or fight other players in three instanced scenarios.

Perhaps it’s something of a trend, but it seems that more and more MMOGs are including and/ or sprucing up their free demo trials to encourage new players to join, like Champions and Atlantica. Others are offering massive collection-type compilations, entailing the entirety of the game world to allow players to dive into the whole of the game, like Final Fantasy XI’s Ultimate Collection and the Everquest Underfoot compilation.

Perhaps it’s a conspiracy, to get consumers to spend even more money on online goods.

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