Gears of War 2 Title Update 5 Fixes Problems Large and Small


Rod Fergusson, executive producer for Gears of War 2, has posted what problems will be corrected with the most recent title update on the gears forum.  After fixing some of the glitches for online gaming, the team will be able to go in and fix the leader boards, making sure the top listed players are the ones who actually deserve to be such, and did not make it there through exploiting glitches.  Below are the patches for what they consider the exploits.

  • A player could modify the game’s behavior due to a security vulnerability introduced in an earlier title update.
  • A player could use a turbo controller to artificially maximize their rate of fire.
  • A player could mantle a planted shield in competive multi-player to hide inside geometry or to travel outside of the map.The ability to mantle shields was removed in competitive multi-player, but remains in Horde and Campaign.

Also inside this fifth update their are some smaller fixes and some general improvements for the game.

Smaller fixes:

  • An issue that contributed to the “sticky walk” problem, where a player’s avatar could stutter after the player picks up a weapon.
  • An issue that could prevent players from hearing the “boom” telegraph from Boomers.
  • An issue that could cause looping audio to continue playing after the player who triggered that sound is killed.
  • An issue that could cause multiple names to be highlighted yellow on the scoreboard instead of the name of the player viewing the scoreboard.
  • An issue that prevented the game from granting the earned experience points from the fiftieth wave of Horde.
  • An issue that caused players at level 100 to see the “congratulations” message after every match.

General Improvements:

  • Adds the ability to view friendly-planted grenades in Tac/Com.
  • Removes the cringe caused when a smoke grenade forces a player to drop a meat-shield.
  • Adds bonus points to the winning leader’s score in the Guardian game mode if the leader successfully survives the winning round.
  • Changes the post-match Invite button to only invite former teammates, so a player can create parties more easily instead of trying to create a Private Match that includes both teams from the former match.
  • Returns the roadie-run camera movements to the way they were in Gears of War 1 by decreasing the dampening values.

Hopefully these updates can make online gaming much improved for Gears.  Beyond Horde mode, my online experience with this game has been problem plagued.  For such an excellent game they need to do whatever they can to get online modes up to par.