Modern Warfare 2 Sells 4.7 Million on Day one


Activision/Infinity Ward’s latest entry into the Call of Duty series pushed an incredible 4.7 million copies according to Activision on its first day of sales, US and UK sales included.

That brings up the question if that number takes into account the number of copies sold earlier through a supposedly “official” early launch at corporate giant Gamestop and various locally owned stores in three different states. Certainly a number of copies were sold early as eager gamers snatched them up.

Analyst Ben Schachter forsees the game breaking the 7 million copy mark worldwide in the first day alone when you include all countries, a staggering number. Schachter bases his opinion on an expected 2-to-1 ratio with former UK record holder, Grand Theft Auto IV, and is certainly not being unreasonable.

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