Left 4 Dead Goes 8-Bit

l4dnesAnd to think some developers complain about porting Xbox 360 titles to the PS3…

Eric Ruth takes Xbox 360 titles and ports them to the NES. This not just a one-shot “for the hell of it” type of release either. Ruth is porting the full game from start to finish, and will be released as a download sometime in January of 2010.

Unlike some other “de-makes,” Ruth’s Left 4 Dead nails it. The graphics are accurate to the hardware, the play speed is perfect, and the music is spectacular. Many of these supposed NES ports either appear needlessly blocky or far too complex. This is coded entirely within the NES spec, and certainly looks the part.

While only a 2-player affair (the NES would have never handled more than that visually without turning into a flicker fest), Ruth states everything will be included, from the variety of infected to the stages.

Ruth’s port, at least in its current state, does seem a little slow. The NES had a port of Smash TV which managed tons of sprites at a frantic pace that seems more like L4D, but you cannot forget that it, well, was terrible. Considering the control limitation, this L4D port seems to work far better in establishing the proper pacing considering the system.

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