The Haloverse Goes On and On and On…


Is the Haloverse spreading itself too thin?  One might not think so when you look at sales figures for the most recent Halo installment, Halo 3: ODST. According to Microsoft’s COO of interactive entertainment, Dennis Durkin,  Halo 3: ODST has sold over 3 million copies to date since its release on September 22, 2009. This sounds great, but when you consider it only took Halo 3 12 days to reach that plateau you see that is certainly a weaker number for Halo.

So I ask again, is the Haloverse spreading to thin?  Well, it would depend on who you ask, as to what answer you might get.  You ask this to Microsoft and you’re sure to get a no, since they are still making respectable money from it.  If you ask a rabid fan, you are also bound to get a no seeing as how they will sink their teeth into anything that is slightly attached to Halo. The corporate “no” is a direct reflection of these fan’s “no”. They form a symbiotic relationship that is prompting the growth of Halo into a wide variety of media list below.

  1. Halo: Reach (the next game)
  2. Comic books (Halo : Helljumper, and coming soon, Halo: Blood Line)
  3. Videos
  4. Books
  5. Action figures

So, who is going to tell you yes when you ask them if the  Haloverse is spreading out too much?  How bout the smart fan? I know sometimes this can be a rare breed, but let us look at what all of these offshoots of Halo are giving us: detailed descriptions about supporting characters.  The important part of Halo is Master Chief. He is the one who takes the hero’s journey.  He is the one that is interesting, and makes Halo something other than just another story about how aliens hate us.  I know one can argue that providing backstory on other characters shows a real depth to the created universe, but it can also just become boring when the main hero is not involved.  Case in point, did anyone really give a crap about what those ODST soldiers were doing or why so and so loved so and so but couldn’t show it? Answer: probably not.

In wrap up I say this: I’m not against more Halo, but please make it relavent. Don’t put it through the Star Wars treatment (admit it, you know what this means… –ed note: Episode 1?-).  Let Master Chief be the story, and only fill in supporting character’s stories when it drives his.  This will not only be more satisfying, but it will make each story reap better profit.

Highs and Lowes; More glory on way for Bradford’s star hooker.

Daily Mail (London) August 18, 1997 Byline: PETER FERGUSON JAMES LOWES has gone from short-fused tough guy to the game’s model hooker in helping Bradford Bulls run one of the most remarkable championship races in rugby league history.

He was still savouring his first winner’s medal yesterday as Bradford celebrated the end of a 16-year title wait, but Lowes is in line for further honours before this memorable season closes.

His consistent excellence at the heart of a record 19-match winning sequence has also made him firm favourite for the Man of Steel award, the game’s greatest accolade currently held by Great Britain and Wigan skipper Andy Farrell.

Sheffield coach John Kear, whose side were Bradford’s 32-12 victims in their Stones Super League clincher, said: ‘Lowes would be the first name on my team sheet to face the Aussies in the Ashes series. He’s been the oustanding player of the season and has improved immensely since he left Leeds.’ Kear, part of last year’s Great Britain coaching team, is so impressed by Lowes’ transformation that he has instructed Sheffield’s own talented hooker, John Lawless, to study and learn from his rival’s style. go to web site lowes printable coupon

Yet in his wild Headin-gley years, if the fists were flying then Lowes would be there or thereabouts. He did manage to walk out of the Don Valley Stadium with six stitches on Saturday night but they came from a first-minute clash of heads with team-mate Jeremy Donougher. here lowes printable coupon

Lowes, now 27, can still snarl in the heat of the moment, but he said: ‘I’ve calmed down.

Maybe I’m just getting old, but I’m not as easily riled and I just concentrate on the rugby.

You’ve still got to have a bit of bite but I’m very conscious of not letting my team-mates down.

You let down yourself and the team if you’re always getting into trouble.

‘I came to Bradford to win things and, hopefully, this is just the start.

Now with the pressure off we can aim at winning our last three matches and make a piece of history nobody can ever beat.

We’ve got the trophy but winning all 22 games would be some achievement to look back on.’ Lowes was in typically influential form, deceiving Sheffield’s defence to send over Bernard Dwyer for the try that hauled Bradford level, then snatching one of his own – his 13th this season – as the Bulls’ late charge brought 18 points in the 10 minutes before many of their 7,000 fans in a record 10,500 crowd rushed the pitch.

Well-drilled Sheffield led 10-4 at halftime with tries from Whetu Taewa and Danny McAllister and trailed only 14-12 by the 69th minute but the Eagles’ gritty performance merely created the conditions in which Bradford’s born scrappers like Graeme Bradley and opening scorer Danny Peacock revel.

Matthew Elliott, Bradford’s Aussie coach, said: ‘I feel humble and proud.

This is a great club that pulls together from top to bottom, and we can go on to something special.’