Peggle/Peggle Nights on PSN Thursday

peggleXbox 360 players are still waiting for expansion Peggle Nights, but apparently as punishment for getting the original Peggle months ahead of time (Correction: PopCap has announced Peggle Nights is coming to XBLA as an expansion this Wed.), PSN owners are getting the expansion first (along with Peggle itself). The PopCap time-sucking classic involves dropping a ball onto a bunch of dots, quite possibly the dumbest idea ever for a video game, but still one of the most addictive. Go figure.

Everything from the Xbox Live port will carry over, including the enormously fun two and four-player versus modes, which only serve to draw more people into the addictive vortex Peggle can create.

As an added bonus, the PS3 version will contain a feature that allows you to update your craziest shots onto YouTube right from the game. So, just in case playing the game didn’t waste enough time, you can now spend hours watching it too. PopCap’s world domination can’t be far behind. Peggle should retail for $10, while the expansion should be gunning for $5 on Nov. 19th.

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