Week in Arcade: Diner Dash, Gyromancer

dinerdashA double week, although technically its a triple threat if you include Peggle Nights, which is a full game but being released as an expansion to the original and for a meager $5.

Diner Dash

Part of the joy of Diner Dash is speed, being able to quickly and efficiently wait tables with a simple click. The Xbox 360 port takes that away, giving the player full control of the waitress Flo as she hops between tables. It loses quite a bit unfortunately, and since the game is available for numerous other platforms already (and cheaper), this port doesn’t really cut it.


Maybe when Gyromancer started development it was special or different, although that’s highly doubtful. This is a blatant clone of Puzzle Quest, the latter of which offered far more depth in its RPG elements, odd since Gyromancer comes from Square/Enix. The game remains the same, flipping blocks of four jewels to attack your opponent, only here the battles are real time instead of turn-based. This leads to a faster, more energetic game, but one that cannot shake the feelings of familiarity.

Also, the game had day one DLC for $3, which ups the price further from $15 to $18. Not fair.

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