Law Firm Considering Class Action Over Xbox Live Bannings


Having a bad day? Ready to laugh at the expense of other people? We have you covered.

Law firm AbingtonIP is “investigating” a class action lawsuit against Microsoft due to their recent string of console bannings which boot pirates off Xbox Live. The firm states that the timing of Microsoft’s action was “convenient” as they happened just after the release of ODST and before Modern Warfare 2. They state this forces users to lose money on their Xbox Live subscriptions, although fail to state the likely hood that they made that back by playing hundreds of games for free. It doesn’t even out that way either.

The firm also cites reported additional problems, such hard drive functionality being stripped. However, the lawsuit itself is specifically focusing on Xbox Live fees being refunded, which if anyone involved had done their research, they would learn the Live account is still perfectly valid. All that is required is a new console, and a fresh start for these people who apparently have entitlement issues.

Since the EULA specifically states modified consoles are against policy (which AbingtonIP states: “… modification of Xbox consoles is against the terms of use for Xbox/Xbox Live”), Microsoft is not in the wrong, and no one is out any charges in regards to Xbox Live. This class action suit is a blatant cash grab trying to draw in people who were terribly dishonest in the first place. It’s called karma, and you can’t fight it.

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