Activision Targets Call of Duty for Pay to Play


It is in the nature of business to try and find new ways to increase profit, and open new lines of revenue.  I believe most people know this. However, shouldn’t it also be in the interest of companies to not alienate consumers? Not try to price gouge them at every chance they get?  I ask these questions because it seems like Activision is preparing to do just that, as they are researching ways to get gamers to pay to play online.

Activision exec – CFO Thomas Tippl recently made it clear they are researching ways in which online gaming compensation, such as the system used for World of Warcraft, can be applied to console games.   He said, “It’s definitely an aspiration that we see potential in, particularly as we look at different business models to monetize the online game-play” .   He also suggested they are looking into this because “core gamers” are demanding it, and it is likely to be tested in upcoming installments of Call of Duty.  That’s right, he actually had the gull to say they are going to charge us more to play because we are asking them to do it!

We already get robbed on the price we pay for DLC, and now there will be this to add to the industry.  So to enjoy online play, we will be required to pay this new monthly charge, buy the $60 game, and for 360 users pay for their regular yearly online fee? If the fee is something in the ballpark of $15 a month, as it is for World of Warcraft, and you break down the Xbox live subscription in to about $5 a month, we reach $20 a month to play one game that we payed $60 for, plus extra for any DLC.  We now arrive at a bill of around $300 a year to play just one game.  Now, ask yourself what happens when all other online games follow this trend?  I will let you do the math on that one.