Rockband Reaches 1000 Song Milestone

rock-bandHarmonix and MTV Networks celebrate today as the the Rock Band franchise reaches over 1000 songs available in-game or as downloadable tracks, with over 390 bands providing music for players to strum, drum and sing away to.

“When we launched Rock Band two years ago, we made a promise to create a music gaming experience that delivered on a weekly basis more songs and artists than ever imagined,” said Alex Rigopulos, co-founder and CEO of Harmonix Music Systems. “We’re extremely proud to pass this remarkable milestone of over 1,000 songs in Rock Band and will continue to innovate and bring more of the best music to Rock Band players all over the world.”

Harmonix and MTV networks have achieved this feat by means of their track transferal system which allows players to transfer tracks between Rock Band 1, 2 and Lego as well as the fact that most track downloads are interchangeable between games, as well as by releasing new songs consistently over the past 105 weeks. Over 60 million download sales have been recorded to date.

A new feature has also been announced that will see a flood of further content for the franchise. New tools to be released by Harmonix will allow bands of varying success easy access to publishing, allowing them to upload their songs as playable track for purchase via the Rock Band Network.

The original Rock Band upped the anty in November 2007 when it further revolutionized the music game genre. Instead of 2-player limitations with previous Guitar Hero titles, players were capable of forming their own 4-piece bands in the comfort of their living room. This offered new drum and vocal tracks for players to master, with the game being highly approved by critics.

For a full list of Rock Band tracks, visit their website here.

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