Cheaters Booted from Modern Warfare 2 PC


Finding your Modern Warfare 2 PC experience quite fun? Enjoying using cheats and hacks to slaughter the competition?


Infinity Ward took action against their first round of cheaters in the PC edition of the latest Call of Duty, using Steam’s VAC anti-cheat system to kick about 2,500 people from the online lobbies. Community figurehead Robert Bowling Tweeted the news:

“In fact, the Steam ban hammer is coming down on about 2,500 confirmed #MW2 cheaters on PC today.”

Unfortunately, Bowling didn’t specify what exactly cheaters were doing, but one can assume, like all online cheaters, they were selfishly ruining the experience for others. If you’re wondering how the percentages work out, (rounding up) about 100,000 people are logged in to the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 on a given day, meaning a whopping 2.5% of people have been kicked out.

This is after talk of protests were abound, and subsequently dismissed given the success of the PC edition.

Hopefully the next round of cheater bannings is swift.

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