Combatribes on Virtual Console


Combatribes has made its debut on the Virtual Console, or at least the SNES version.

Combatribes is special for a number of reasons, firstly coming from the team that crafted beat-em-up genre creator Double Dragon. Secondly, Combatribes is significantly different, featuring typically closed off stages limited to only a few screens. It keeps the combat close and tight, adding to the colorful intensity.

The SNES port toned down (slightly) the violence level. Blood has been eliminated, but you can still sit on top of someone and smash their face into the ground, or use enemies as projectiles. Violence in this Technos brawler is quite visceral, with brutally harsh punches and stiff kicks. Variety was Combatribes strong suit, giving each stage a theme (such a roller rink or circus) and foes to match.

On other disadvantage of the port as opposed to the arcade original is the lack of three-player co-op. The SNES limits it to two while lowering the amount of enemies on-screen, but is otherwise an accurate, colorful port of a vastly underrated beat-em-up.

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