Week in Arcade: Call of Duty Classic

callofdutyclassicAnother solitary week for the Arcade, this time a flashback to only a generation ago.

Call of Duty Classic

At launch, Xbox 360 owners were given Call of Duty 2, and were likely wondering what happened to the original. That game stayed on the PC, and up until today, never saw the light of day on consoles.

Given the success of the franchise, Infinity Ward has gone back and remastered the original Call of Duty in hi-def, although kept the polygon and effects the same. The results are not terribly surprising, although it is a bit of a shock how little has changed. The smooth, fast feel is intact, and many of the series features remain. Quotes after death, highlighting friendly troops, the damage indicator, and the attempted epic feel keep the game in familiar territory.

Age is a factor, this port unable to obtain the visual fidelity that makes the modern games such a breathtaking experience. While dated, this is still worth playing through, and a worthy, involving title.