New Teaser Trailer for Mythos

Rebana announced today that they are planning a release for the much anticipated MMORPG, Mythos, across North America. Although no official release date has been given, Rebana have released a new trailer, showing off some of the game’s impressive visuals.

“Alboos”, a designer for the game, released the following on Mythos’ updated website;

“The reason we did not give out any MYTHOS news until now is because we have been waiting for the right time to provide the most accurate information. Currently, Mythos is being reconstructed with a whole new look. We are trying to maintain the strengths that the game already had and improve them while eliminating its weaknesses so that Mythos can become more suitable as an online game. Also various different content will be added to make Mythos a more exciting and engaging multiplayer game.”

The updated website, along with the new trailer, also host’s a section revealing some extensive backstory for the game world – detailing a battle between the Gods (in space) and how their epic squabble reached the plant Ude. Mythos, as you have guessed from the name, will be a fantasy style Online RPG. When it was first announced back in 2006, it was described as a “casual RPG”.

“We’re privileged to be able to take the helm of this ambitious and highly-regarded project,” said Young Rok Park, CEO of Redbana. “We launched Redbana with Audition, and are now diversifying our offering with Mythos. Our vision is to deliver a diverse selection of high quality games to the North American market.”

Gamers interested in the title can subscribe to the Mythos website for updates. Alboos added in his note;

“In my next letter, I will give you a brief explanation about the new Mythos world.”

So this will be the next thing you can expect to hear.

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