Guild Wars II: New Game, Good Old Nostalgia

The five races of Tyria

The five races of Tyria

Developed by ArenaNet, and published by NCsoft (of Blade & Soul and Aion fame) comes the sequel to the popular Guild Wars. Taking place some 250 years after the original Guild Wars, the world of Tyria sees the rise of new powers, races, and technologies. The story goes that the five races of the world warred with one another, until the great dragons awoke. Summoning their minions, they spread destruction and chaos about, forcing the five races to cooperate to conquer the threat. Start playing here.

Much like the original Guild Wars, Guild Wars II will be subscription free. So playing will be as simple as buying the game and playing online.

The five races of the world of Tyria are:

  • The good old resilient Humans, fighting to protect the nation Kryta.
  • Charr, massive beast-headed warmongers, who use steampunk-esque technologies to advance their conquests
  • Norn, the massive, human-like race of shape-shifters from the frozen north
  • The tiny Asura, brilliant little people with a perchant for creating magical technologies and weapons
  • The Sylvari, a race of plant-like people, spiritual and elf-like.

Interestingly, Guild War II is being developed with soloing in mind, allowing players to play to max level without ever having to join a party. Of course, because Guild Wars II is a MMORPG, some challenge will also be designed with party play in mind, allowing for a good variety of play-styles, should the player choose to utilize them.

Official art work

Official art work

Speaking of levels, Guild Wars II is designing it’s game in such a way that it avoids the tedious grind that many MMORPGs suffer from. The developers also intend to include a system that allows players of significantly different levels to play together by implementing a “strong sidekick” system, similar to what is featured in City of Heroes. This philosophy is also being extended into competitive (PvP) play. Within the organized PvP area, all players will have access to the same equips, and be of the same power level.

An interesting feature to Guild Wars II is what is called the “Hall of Monuments”, which rewards certain accomplishments players achieved in the original Guild Wars. It will also reserve your character names from the original game, and has other features that will be revealed at a later date.

There is no set release date for the title. Also, while beta testing for the original Guild Wars began relatively early in the games development cycle, Guild Wars II is expected to commence its beta testing much closer to the games release.

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Spell-check those menus.(Spotlight)

Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO) August 4, 2006 | Lehndorff, John Byline: John Lehndorff, Rocky Mountain News I should be relaxing during these dog days of summer, but big questions plague my overheated mind. I get picky, picky, picky and wonder: website online spell check

* Why don’t people who write restaurant menus use spell-checker or have someone proofread them before they print them? I constantly catch spelling and grammatical errors among the starters and entrees. When I see “prosciutto wrapped shrimp,” I wonder why there isn’t a hyphen connecting the modifiers, i.e., “prosciutto-wrapped.” It makes me think there are other details that have slipped below the management’s radar.

* Why do restaurants insist on listing menu prices ending in .99? Do they really think the customer is going to buy a $39.99 Porterhouse steak and think it’s a bargain? They know it costs $40, and actually more like $50 with tax and tip. go to web site online spell check

* Now that we’ve eradicated smoking in bistros, when will the Colorado legislature enact a law banning cell phones in restaurants? The impact of inane, secondhand cell phone conversations on innocent, captive bystanders (and sitters) is well-documented.

* When will young servers learn that they will get a bigger tip if they do not ask a table of adult men and women: “What would you guys like to drink?” * Why don’t restaurant owners realize that they lose more customers with ill-maintained bathrooms than mediocre food? Women often decide where couples dine. If the bathroom’s dirty and there isn’t any hot water, they get grossed out and won’t come back. Ever. Guys aren’t thrilled by it either.

* Why don’t chefs realize that it doesn’t matter how good the food is in the kitchen, if the plates get air-cooled being carried across the dining room and the food arrives lukewarm at the table?

* If we can put a man on the moon, why can’t we have restaurant tables that don’t wobble?

Just asking . . .


Photo Cell phones, like smoking, bother diners. M. SPENCER GREEN / ASSOCIATED PRESS Lehndorff, John