Fight Night Round 4 DLC Caused Freezing Problems


It seems that EA releases so much DLC that the testing department is getting overwhelmed. Such is the case with a recent round of $10 DLC for Fight Night Round 4, titled the Champions Pack 2. Included were three fighters (Evander Holyfield, Sonny Liston and Bernard Hopkins), Rivalry mode, and Old School Rules. Each addition was available separately as well.

“Was” is the key word in that statement, because the content has now been pulled from the Xbox Live Marketplace as the download froze the hardware before it could be completed. This left many gamers with a half-finished download and no content. Players that did actually complete it, well, their games froze too.

EA stated a fix is coming, although when is undetermined:

“Unfortunately the fix requires a full pass of approvals by all parties involved and may take longer than a few days.”

EA offers some workarounds on their forums, but as of now, it seems like the best solution to just avoid the content entirely if you downloaded it.