Week in Arcade: Qix++

qix++Another single game release week, this time an update of an arcade classic.


Qix never achieved the greatness of a Pac-Man or Asteroids, but exists in relatively the same vein. This is an absurdly simple concept, easy to play, and wholly unique. In the case of Qix, it remains original to this day. No one tried to copy the concept.

The game is simple, tasking the player with blocking in an enemy who resets the players lines if they are touched before completion. While simplistic and straightforward in the early levels, Qix wastes no time in ramping up the difficulty. This update revamps the visuals, although Qix++ remains a simplistic looking title.

Four player multiplayer is enjoyable, and the quirky techno beat adds the experience. This is yet another fine update to an underrated classic, worth the $10 asking price.