Bad Company 2 Allowing Party Chat


One of the annoyances with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was the inability to stay in a party chat when in certain versus multiplayer modes. Infinity Ward’s logic was that players on opposing sides could cheat, spouting off positions, leading to level boosting. Still, that put millions of players at the mercy of the Xbox Live bottom rung, those that don’t shut up, scream, or spout racist remarks.

DICE on the other hand feels your pain. For their upcoming Battlefield sequel, Bad Company 2, party chat is okay. Producer Gordon Van Dyke doesn’t believe party chat cheating creates an issue, “where we have to worry about that.” We’re agreeing with  Van Dyke on this one, as party chat was one of the most requested features on Live, and it would be doubtful if many of those requests were so people could cheat. It creates a social environment, something a live room chat cannot when 10 other players are having their own individual conversations.

You’re making the right call DICE.