A Guitar Hero Christmas


Perhaps you’re sick of traditional¬† Christmas decorations. The tacky inflatable Santa sat on a roof. A light up reindeer on the lawn. Well you can bid farewell to all that. If you’re prepared to put aside a little time and effort, how about a Guitar Hero light show perfectly timed to the Cliffs of Dover?

The Daily What report that Ric Turner, A former Disney Imagineer, has pieced together a choreographed Guitar Hero light display in front of his garage. The display is comprised of 21,268 lights/LED’s and offers a perfect representation of an easy mode run through of Cliffs of Dover.

Turner has issued a run down of how he managed to achieve the feat to Make: Online:

“Christmas Light Hero is using 7 light controllers from Light-O-Rama built from kits to control 21,268 lights and LEDs… It relies on the fact that the game sequence is very consistent. If the game and the lighting sequences start together, they will stay in very good sync through the length of the song. The light program allows branching and overlays for fail, star power and “ready.”

It’s possible to play the game by simply following the lights, with the sound being output through a Wii. The sound system is even designed in such a way that people can tune in car stereos to 99.1 in order to listen to the Eric Johnson classic as loud as they please (ed note: Surely the copyright lawyers will love that). Turner has, however admitted that even gamers accustomed to playing on expert make some mistakes, finding the lighting system slightly disorientating.

Those of you competing against neighbors to produce the best Christmas light display can just give up. There’s no way in hell anyone is topping this.

Here’s a video of the impressive display in action:

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