What Spike TV’s VGAs Do Wrong


There are a myraid of issues with the Spike TV awards seemingly taking the lead in the race for an official gaming awards show, but a trend is emerging.

This year, more than any other, the focus was not on the actual awards, but the reveals. Spike has turned the VGAs into a mini-E3, taking focus away from those to deserve it. The developers who created the games are being ignored because Spike w0uld rather showcase a new Halo instead of the point of the show: the past year.

Maybe it’s a problem with the industry as a whole, one that focuses on what’s coming rather than what has already happened. There is nothing wrong with forward thinking, but in five years, who will remember what Spike gave Game of the Year (Uncharted 2 in case you missed it) when the show was more memorable for first showing the world Halo: Reach?

The dubious credibility of Spike TV doesn’t help, but zero effort is being made in generating mainstream interest in this industry. The Academy Awards are a suit and tie affair, turning actors and directors into stars, if they weren’t already. Spike could care less who developed Uncharted 2 so long as a likely Modern Warfare 2 clone takes center stage. This is an entertainment industry struggling to achieve art status, and with such a blatantly commercial affair, there is limited possibility to ever gain the respect it deserves.

Respect the art, not the marketing.

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