MAG Beta to All January 4-10


Those who failed to enter into the wonders of 256-player online FPS chaos for Sony’s MAG beta will have their chance on January 4th. That is when Sony opens the floodgates to allow all PSN users into the experience, and undoubtedly filling up those 256-player rooms entirely. The download will be available in the PlayStation store whenever the usual Thursday update becomes available.

The catch is the beta only lasts until January 10th, so you’ll only have a week to enjoy the festivities. Those that already have the beta should know not to delete their current files. Those will be updated automatically today, so just keep on playing without interruption (aside from the download). No need to download the open beta like everyone else. You’re already special.

At the very least, if you enjoy the game, you’ll be able to play the full version just over two weeks later when MAG officially launches on January 26th.

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