Week in Arcade: 0 Day, Polar Panic

polarpanicA double header a few days before Christmas, although with these prices, these aren’t exactly great gifts. (Note: Oddly, 0 Day has no artwork)

0 Day: Attack on Earth

Many will be drawn to the four-player aspect of 0 Day, a Square-Enix dual-analog shooter. That’s fine, but at its core, 0 Day is a mess. Chaos reigns supreme, and you ship takes constant damage from things completely out of sight. Random purple clouds feel like an unbeatable foe, and pop-up all over the real-life locales (based on actual maps). Mechanics are fine, the epic soundtrack is fitting, and the enemies are intimidating. A solid selection of ships is also great, but at $15, there is far too much going on here.

Polar Panic

Polar Panic is going to take you way back. This simple block pushing/maze title will immediately conjure up images of the classic Lolo series, and that’s because this is a direct knock-off. Even with three modes of play, including a limited story mode, there is hardly enough content here to justify the $10 price tag. Kids and PETA might find the concept fun enough, controlling a polar bear looking to wipe out a group of hunters who want to club him to death (and this is rated E!), but this is really for those looking to rekindle their love for a long since dormant sub-genre.

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