Valkyrie Sky Launches December 28th!

New artwork for Valkyrie Sky

New artwork for Valkyrie Sky

Valkyrie Sky is a Norse-myth based vertical-scrolling shoot’em up, combining the community elements of a MMORPG with the fast-paced action of a shooter. The online PC Game-Portal GameKiss announced that the title will officially launch on December 28th.

After the game’s surprisingly popular Closed beta test -in which over 20,000 players from North America, South-East Asia and Europe registered and tested the game- GameKiss received a large amount of feedback about the title, which spurred on several upgrades and improvements.

The changes made to the game proper resulted in what is essentially an all-new version of Valkyrie Sky. Perhaps the largest of these changes is the graphical improvements and camera control. Users line of sight has been widened, and the visuals of character skills have been spruced up to the power of “flashy.” Because the graphic engine’s has been re-worked, the visuals have been enhanced very nicely.

The game’s PvP system has also been re-worked due to player criticism, to what is called the Duel mode system, which is expected to provide a more enjoyable experience. Players didn’t like that PvP match-ups started automatically, even when they were un-wanted, when PvP mode was chosen. We will have to wait and see just how the new system tackles the issue.

Classes have been diversified with the addition of the “post-changing” system, which allows players to switch their post after having finished the quests and mastered their class skills once they reach level 15. Almost twenty improved and new game systems were added as well; the dungeon system was added, and the life system was upgraded, for example.

“In the last three weeks of the closed beta service between October 28 and November 10th, we checked every single comment and survey response. We tried to reflect them on the open beta test as much as possible,” said RomaN, GM of Valkyrie Sky, “After the CBT, the developer’s note was posted everyday, and we received plenty of great and helpful feedback which was applied to the game with excitement.

With spectacularly unique (for an MMORPG) game play, the only real question floating over Valkyrie Sky‘s head is how in-depth the games community and character interaction is. Trailers reveal your typical RPG pastimes like fishing, guilds and such, so we need only wait and see just how good a game it actually is.

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