Pangya Online’s New Treasure-Hunt Event

The cute anime style of Pangya

The cute anime style of Pangya

Ntreev USA, a leading online game developer and publisher, has announced that is has launched as all-new Treasure Hunt board-game event from now until January 20th, 2010 for Pangya. This event allows players to win both in-game and real prizes, such as headphones, digital cameras and iPods.

Pangya‘s new board game is strewn with tiles which offer players plenty of prizes. In-game Prize tiles grants players the prize, which is delivered automatically to the players mailbox. Raffle tiles enter the player into a raffle for the chance to win the prize on the tile. Score tiles give players an extra die for every fifty points collected, and blank titles give players nothing.

Players also have a chance to collect dice randomly from Tournament Cups in Versus mode. Also, one full trip around the board nets players a bonus die and twenty points as well, for plenty of chances for players to walk away with something.

Prizes offered include in-game items like Time Boosters, Silent Wind, Joy Candy. Real-World prizes include $10 Ntreev cards, Gaming Headphones, iPod Nano (8 Gigs) and the grand prize of a 32 gigabyte iPod Touch.

Pangya is an online multiplayer golf game with a cutesy anime-style and fantasy story elements. The games environments span a wide-range of landscapes, from arid deserts to rich green tropics to frosty winter wonderlands. The world of Pangya is threatened by evil forces bent on destroying the peace and beauty of the world, and only by placing the “Comet” in it’s rightful place can nature be revived. Players take up their clubs and golf through tournaments and dragons to save the world.

In addition to looking very nice, there quite a bit of Player Vs Player interaction as well. Players can take on tournaments, Pang Battle, Team Matches, or Family mode.

Pangya is a free-to download and play game.

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